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Website Design and Development – Our Process

In order to create a successful website for you, we take your entire business into consideration and use fundamental marketing and sales principles throughout the entire process. After combining marketing with the design and technology that’s right for you, we create your uniquely branded website. We then actively promote your site online so that your desired audience can find you easily on the web.

When you’re thinking of having your website designed or updated, consider these three elements:

Website Design

What will your site look like and how easily will your visitors find what they are looking for? Will the design enhance or detract from your brand? Will your site be optimized for viewing on tablets, smartphones and all devices your visitors use to view your site?

Website Development

As for the architecture of your site, how will it function and what features will you offer your visitors to help convert them into customers? Will your site be easy to manage so you can make frequent updates quickly? Will it be optimized for viewing on mobile devices such as smartphones and iPads so it can be found in the search engines? Will it be optimized for Voice Search so when people say “Hey Alexa …” you can be found?

Website Promotion

How will you gain the attention of your intended audience, rank well and be found in the search engine results when your prospects look for your products and services online? Will your site be “socially integrated” to increase your word-of-mouth referrals?

Our Process


Creating your personalized website begins with an in-depth discussion about your target audience and your business goals for your site. This includes our Find THEIR Why process of determining why people should buy from you.

Online Health Checkup

Our competitive research and keyword analysis allow us to make informed decisions about the marketing and positioning of your website.

Strategic Online Plan

This allows us to provide comprehensive recommendations that include the best tactics for you to reach your market online and exceed your business goals for your website.

Custom Website Design & Development

After taking all of our findings into consideration, we present you with an exclusive website design that captures attention and conveys your message to your intended audience. We offer trend-setting web designs to match our custom-built features and functionality for our clients. Since we carefully research how your audience makes purchasing decisions, we include calls-to-action to convert visitors into customers, always keeping the search engines in mind so your site can be found when prospects look for you online.

Content Marketing & Promotion

Want to really turn up the heat on getting new visitors and prospects coming to your site? We’ll implement a plan that brings targeted visitors to you, and help you convert those visitors into leads, prospects and new customers.

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