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Online Health Check-up

It’s hard to know among the seemingly hundreds of Internet Marketing options which ones are right for your small business. Our Small Business Online Marketing Health Check-up is a complete analysis of your website, identifying all issues potentially impacting your site’s performance. This report will also tell you exactly which online marketing services are right for your business, with specific examples from your website to answer key questions and identify exactly what must be done to improve the performance of your site.

We’ll Answer Key Questions Like…

    • How friendly is your site to the search engines?
    • Is your site targeting the most relevant keywords?
    • Is your website turning customers away?
    • Is your business getting bad links that harm your site’s ranking potential?
    • What do your website statistics say about your site’s performance?
    • What can you learn from your competition to gain an advantage?
    • How can you reach a more targeted audience – so the right visitors are attracted to your site?
    • How can you turn website visitors into leads, prospects and clients or customers?

And, Most Importantly…

  • Does your site answer the one burning question in every visitor’s mind — “what’s in it for me?”

How Does Your Online Marketing Stack Up?

Actionable Steps to Improve Your Site

In addition to identifying your website’s improvement opportunities, you will also receive an outline of clear, actionable steps to resolve all issues found within your site with a step-by-step plan we’ll follow to implement the improvements to your site. Soon your website will be attracting targeted visitors, and converting those visitors to leads, prospects and new clients for you!

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