co It's Time to Re-Think Your Email Marketing Strategy |

In a perfect world, you get raises without asking, everybody reads and answers your email, and dogs stay as cute as they were as puppies forever. Okay, it’s likely that none of these three things are happening in your perfect world. Raises and puppies aside, there are things you can do to take your email marketing to the next level.

Go ahead and blame it all on spam filters if you want. They’re not as draconian as they used to be. Artificial Intelligence (AI) has made filtering email more precise. Even if your email is a cold call, it’s more likely that it’ll get through – as long as you stay clear of what your email marketing platform’s list of bad practices.

Email in the age of social media

Spam filters aren’t the enemy of your email marketing messages. Social networks are the culprits. They’ve figured out how to get past the biggest obstacle.

People don’t want to get – and likely will not open – messages from strangers. They want a proper introduction, first. Until then, you and your company are unwelcome intrusions, no matter how much your product or service might benefit them.

The obstacle you face isn’t figuring out how to build better mailing lists. It’s how to create a relationship with strangers before using something like email to strengthen the relationship. Email is a powerful sales and marketing medium when both the sender and the recipient have an existing connection.

It’s why today’s successful organizations invest not only in establishing themselves on social networks, but also in engaging on these platforms. One of the most effective platforms for B2B networking currently is LinkedIn. According to Hootsuite, LinkedIn is where decision-makers congregate. This marketing authority also points out that the professional networking platform is where 2 million posts, articles, and videos get published daily – and it’s used by an impressive 94 percent of B2B marketers to share content.

Bottom line: Start your relationship-building process with social media. Make your introduction there. Then you can move to the next level with email marketing.

It’s all in your subject line

Email marketing isn’t difficult once you have a group of willing recipients. You do, however, have to respect that permission-based relationship you’re building. Even as spam filters get better, Campaign Monitor reports that the average office worker gets 121 email messages a day.

Make it easy for your recipients to know you have a solution to their problem. Your subject line should succinctly tell why a recipient should open a message. Get past the what. Does this subject line give you a reason to read the email message?

Subject: Our monthly newsletter

Let your subject line tell a story. The story it needs to tell is the answer to this question: “What’s in it for me?”

There’s no template

Your mileage may vary, and your success with email will, too. There’s no perfect subject line and there’s no optimal format for the body of the message. Even tempting messages get skipped if they’re from strangers. Think about your own experience. Which messages do you open first?

We read email messages from people we know. So, start with the relationship – and agonize less on what to say. We can help you create social authority on LinkedIn and other platforms.