co How Search Phrases Can Help You Understand Buyer Intent |

Actions speak louder than words, but words are usually how we introduce our product or service to prospects. So those words have to be powerful. They have to make people act.

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These four search phrases can tell you exactly where a prospect is on the buyer’s journey, and how you should target them with your sales funnel tactics. Will they discover the right type of content on your website to help them make a purchase decision?

Starting with the problem

It used to be all about self-promotion – back when advertising was more important than marketing. That’s because it was a one-way communication. Brands interrupted your reading or listening or viewing to tell you about their products or services.

The Internet changed this. Today, brands know that the communication has evolved into a true two-way conversation. And it’s why marketing has taken the lead. These conversations start when a prospect uses search phrases that are framed about their problem. “How do find a reputable general contractor?”

Search phrases focused on identifying problems indicate that a prospect is at the start of the buyer’s journey. Your engagement with them should offer help in validating their problem.

Offer education, not the solution

If someone’s searching for general contractors or reviews about them, you can be fairly confident that they are a prospect further along on the buyer’s journey. They’ve found content (hopefully, yours) that validated their pain point, and now they’re looking for advice on how to solve the problem – in this case, finding a reputable general contractor.

They’re still not ready to be pitched. They want perspective. They’re ready to gobble up advice on how to look for a good general contractor – and it’s an opportunity to position yourself as a subject matter expert.

Finally, the solution

Prospects searching for reviews are telling you that they’ve validated their problem, and they’ve found education and perspective that gives them the confidence to select a solution. If you’ve engaged them during this buyer’s journey so far, you’ve positioned yourself to pitch and win them as customers.

You’ve built up a high level of trust during the engagement by offering them objective information about the right way to search for a solution. Now it’s time to show them that you’ve got those qualifications.

Do your search phrases and key words sync up with the right areas of your website and content to meet up with prospects along the buyer’s journey? We can help you with this optimization.