co Website Traffic: Quality vs Quantity |

You’ve probably heard of Harry Winston. He’s the diamond guy with that nice little shop on 5th Avenue in New York City. Harry can teach us a thing or two about website traffic.

If you pay a visit to his establishment and tell his staff you’re in the market to buy a diamond ring, a representative might place on the counter before you a couple suggestions. One features a two-carat diamond. It’s substantial. The other features a quarter-carat stone. It’s been certified as flawless.”

More isn’t better

The first diamond – when compared to the much larger two-carat stone – might seem less desirable. Bigger is better, right? Whether it’s website visitors or carats, we want more.

Here’s where the analogy comes to play. Like diamonds, it’s the quality of your visitors that counts. That quarter-carat flawless stone is optimal. It has no interior flaws. It’s the right color and has been faceted at just the right depth to reflect the most amount of light.

Businesses that successfully market online use a version of these valuations on the people they want to visit their website. They’d rather be discovered by a single prospect in perfect alignment with their product or service than 10 prospects that have little chance of being converted into customers.

How to find your flawless diamonds

The most efficient way to attract highly qualified prospects is to have an online marketing strategy that’s in alignment with your sales objectives. It starts with identifying your target audience. What do they look like? Many companies go as far as creating what’s known as a customer persona. Check out this excellent and brief definition if you’re a bit fuzzy on the term.

You need to know one additional important thing about these quality prospects. What’s the best way to reach them? Pushing outward, you need to know their preferred online destinations. Keeping the Harry Winston analogy in mind, it’s not enough to head to Facebook because that’s where everybody is. Your quality prospects might prefer a professional social network like LinkedIn. Or, they might respond to more visually oriented information about your product – in which case Pinterest, YouTube or Instagram might be a better place to prospect.

The same goes with your inbound marketing efforts. It’s a Harry Winston lesson again – where carefully curated and created content that deeply resonates with your highly targeted prospects generates three times the opportunity to convert them into a lead.

Be picky

Harry Winston doesn’t have time – or room in his small showroom – to talk to people who aren’t interested or don’t have the ability to purchase his expensive merchandise. Unqualified website visitors gobble up your bandwidth (you pay for that) and distract your customer service attention away from prospects who have the ability to make a purchase.

Focus on quality website traffic. Ask Harry Winston. Less is more. Learn more about how we can help you with this online marketing strategy.