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Medical science is showing us that it’s all connected. Now there are increasing studies showing that flossing your teeth to prevent gum disease might be a way to maintain a healthy heart. People with gum diseases are up to three times as likely to have a stroke, heart attack, or other serious cardiovascular event.

The link is inflammation. When something’s not working right in one place, it contributes to problems in other parts of our bodies. A holistic approach – flossing your teeth to keep a health heart – works for websites as well as human bodies.

Determining your website’s online health

If you’re a fan of kitschy science fiction movies, you may remember Fantastic Voyage, released in 1966 and featuring Raquel Welch. She and a crew of medical professionals are shrunk to microscopic size and injected into a patient to fix his blood clot.

A digital marketing health check is sort of like this, only without the psychedelic special effects (remember, it was 1966), and Ms. Welch’s form flattering lab coats. This digital health check is created from the perspective of a prospect who takes a journey through your digital presence. And keep in mind that this can be a person, as well as a search engine like Google.

It’s an inside-out physical, where the performance of your website is measured against the standard expectations someone has when they visit it. This can also include your landing pages, as well as any part of the sales funnel you have in place to drive prospects to your website for conversion.

Measuring the satisfaction level of the journey

The first part of a successful online health check is creating a qualitative report of the journey a prospect takes through your marketing channels to get t your website. It should provide you with insight into the strength and weaknesses of both your website and the inbound marketing you use to get people there. It’ll look at things like:

  • Accessibility – Are you turning off mobile viewers?
  • Site errors – Is Google giving you a black eye because of website technical issues?
  • On- and off-page visibility – Are you using optimal keywords and taking advantage of backlinks?
  • User experience – Can prospects find what they need on your site, and does you inbound marketing tell them what you want them to do?

This internal checkup helps to uncover where there are opportunities to engage prospects and answer their crucial question about becoming your customer – “what’s in it for me?”

Your dentist usually asks you, “Have you been flossing?” Which is ironic because he’ll know as soon as he takes a look. They ask because it’s good for your teeth, and perhaps your heart. Check the pulse of your online presence to see if you’re reaching the right people.