It’s possible that some of your prospects and customers can’t remember when we accessed the Internet with traditional phone lines using boxes that beeped and screeched, otherwise known as modems. It was painfully slow. The idea of looking at a high-resolution image—let alone a video—was pretty much unthinkable.

Fast-forward to today, when we actually think there’s something wrong with a website if we pay a visit and it has no multimedia content for us. We expect words, sounds, and images to entertain and inform us. Video delivers.

Video content is king

Thanks to broadband and Wi-Fi, video is now comfortably deliverable on our computers and mobile devices. The amount of video content we consume video on these devices dwarfs traditional television, and we increasingly turn to places like YouTube for how-to information created by a well-meaning individual with nothing more than their iPhone.

The addition of social media was like pouring gasoline on a fire. Amateur videos posted on YouTube and shared by Facebook friends have achieved tens of millions of views. And, in terms of searches performed, YouTube is the planet’s second-largest search engine by volume.

A half a billion people will watch a video on Facebook today. So, as you look for ways to generate leads for your business and grow your base of customers, you must consider video as a solution. It backs a powerful punch. People are more likely to share video with their social networks than a blog post or a photo. And, because it’s recommended by someone they know, people are more likely to watch these videos.

Why video works

Anyone who’s taken a writing course probably had their instructor tell them, “Show. Don’t tell.” Video allows you to do exactly that. Video marketing can demonstrate how a product or service works. Even better, it can show people the end-result of using your product or service. There is nothing more effective at putting your brand into the customer’s worldview.

“Yeah, but it’s expensive to produce a video.”

Affordability is really no longer an issue. This is certainly the case when you consider the return on investment. Today, the cost to create a consistent stream of video to promote your business is reasonable and justifiable. And, this is because you and your employees can easily contribute to the process.

Not all of your video marketing has to have the production value of a television commercial. Often, the production value takes its cue from the personality of your business, as well as the environment where it’s being hosted. It also doesn’t have to be actual video. Many companies have found great success with animated videos. Explainer-style videos are a highly effective way to get people to understand the “WHY” of your business.

Video production companies have been able to dramatically reduce the cost of creating quality content by adapting to the style needed to reach your company’s target audience. In many cases, that style is informal or casual. It’s because we want an emotional connection to the brands we’re deciding to inject into our lives. We’re “real-life,” so we are looking for companies who can show us they can match our real-life scenarios.

The optimal video mix tends to be a collection of high quality video to underscore your brand image, and casual video or animation to help with the “this is how it works” part of your customer communications. Plus, if you’re successful with engagement, you can benefit from an inflow of videos that your customers create about your product or service.

Short and sweet

Most of us prefer videos to be about 30 seconds in length if we’re watching them on our mobile devices. Millennials prefer them even shorter, around 10 seconds. However, people at any age will watch a video that’s from three to five minutes in length if they are in the decision-making mode.

What this tells you is that you can’t have a one-size-fits-all single video on your website. But if it’s produced with multipurpose in mind, you can slice and dice it to fit target audiences. Many companies are also seeing success by using short video segments to complement long-form content.

Video and SEO

Many businesses—particularly those that depend on SEO to assist with lead generation often ask if video marketing helps or hinders this process. The answer is that it is an amazing boost to SEO. YouTube is only second to Google for search. Plus, multiple studies show that up to 75% of people surveyed say they decided to visit a company’s website after watching a video about the company.

Top four reasons why video must be a part of your marketing strategy

    • Clarity: About 65% of the population are visual learners, with another 30% being auditory learners. That leaves only 5% who learn best by reading. Guess which form of marketing is best for nearly 95% of your prospects and customers? In terms of value, Forrester Research estimates that 60 seconds of video is worth about 1.8 million words.
    • Attention: We’re already overwhelmed by marketing messages. We’re also communicating to the companies wanting us as customers that we’d prefer to be engaged with video. All of us feel that way. Forbes recently shared a survey showing that 59% of executives say they prefer video to text—meaning that video is even effective for B2B marketing. Video definitely captures and holds attention. MarketingSherpa reports that the time a user spends on a page nearly doubles with video content.
    • Perceived Value: Sure, you just read that video isn’t super-expensive to produce nowadays. But, it does take more effort—and your prospects or customers know this. You’re creating perceived value. Statistics also show that video attracts three times more organic inbound links, boosts search by a factor of four, and can drive up to 300% more unique monthly site visits.
    • Emotion: A combination of sight and sound naturally evokes more emotional engagement than text. This emotional connection is powerful, with 64% of people saying they’re more likely to buy a product or consider being a customer because they’ve watched a video.

Many businesses tend to shy away from video marketing because they feel they just don’t have the time and resources to do it. When you consider the return on investment, it makes good dollars and sense to partner with professionals who can take care of this absolutely necessary marketing technique for them. If you’d like to explore video marketing for your business, let’s talk! Our team has a number of creative ways to produce high quality, affordable video to help you tell your story!