co Your Online Sales Funnel Helps Prospects Become Customers |

Content. You need it. Content is crucial if you rely on lead-generation to find new customers and grow your business. It sets the foundation of your SEO ranking. It helps prospects understand what makes you different than your competitors. It facilitates customer loyalty. But, guess what? It doesn’t sell. Not immediately, anyway. And, probably not directly.

It’s not supposed to. Content captures attention. It converts prospects into customers. It’s not an area of your website where you have some expanded descriptions about your product or service, with a link to your “CONTACT US” form. It’s what helps people with their journey from prospect to purchaser. It’s based on a specific strategy which helps strangers see that you understand their problem. More and different content will help these prospects decide you’re able to help with this problem. Yet another collection of content demonstrates how your solution is better than everybody else’s. Still even more content will help them to validate their decision to be your customer.

Most PHCE companies try to do it upside-down

Are you wondering why you’ve got some great content on your website about how your products and service works, but it hasn’t moved the needle in terms of new customers. You’ve got your sales-funnel upside down.

That content is great stuff. It’s going to come in handy—but it won’t work if you’re trying to sell with it. Prospects are not interested in hearing about your product or service yet. They’re busy trying to find content that matches their pain point.


The process of discovery is key to lead generation. Prospects want to feel that they discovered you—not that the other way around. Granted, it was your content and SEO strategy that did it. Let them have this moment.

At this point, your content is all about exposure. It’s about the problem you solve. You’re building awareness. Text-based articles can form the foundation, but stick a cherry on top with an interactive quiz.


Now that you’ve captured a prospect’s curiosity and have them saying, “This company gets my problem,” it’s time to show them that you not only understand it, but you’re an authority on the subject. What’s your perspective on their problem as a residential PHCE services provider? What should they look out for?

You’re switching over to an educational mode, offering generous information about the problem. Now, your content might include videos, eBooks, or even webinars. This is the part of your sales funnel that converts strangers into prospects who gladly give you their contact information to learn more.


Perfect strangers have sought you out not because of what you sell, but because you helped them validate they have a legitimate problem. Then you deepened that relationship by sharing information that said, “Not only do I understand your problem, but here are things about it you might not have considered.”

Congratulations. You’ve earned the right to ask them if they’re interested in hearing how your specific product or service will solve their problem better than anybody else.


You’ve now accompanied a perfect stranger on a journey of deepening awareness. You were there to help them validate their problem. You were there to help them get an understanding of the problem and what to look for in a solution. Then you were there to—as a partner in the journey—offer your particular product or service as the solution.

At this point, your content is preparing them to ask you for the information they need to become your customer. It’s also likely that at this point, your content still won’t actually make the sale. It will have introduced them to your live sales staff.

Content is NOT king

But, content is the king-maker. If you think of a sales funnel as the crown, your content is the jewels that adorn it. It turns out that people really aren’t looking for your business. They were looking for insight. Insight isn’t gained by offering content that answers who you are, what you do, or how you do it. It explains why.

Content was never the king. Insight is your crowning achievement.

If you’ve already created a lot of content for your site in the hopes that it’ll spark lead generation, go back, and take a look at it. Is it focused on you? It is if most of the questions it answers have to do with what you are and how you do it.

That ultimately will be important when prospects finally make it to the last section of your sales funnel. But throughout most of their journey through your sales funnel, whey won’t be interested.

If, on the other hand, you review your content and most of it helps people to understand why you offer your product or service, you’ll rise above the noise that everybody else’s content is making.

Content creation is many things, but it’s NOT…

Content creation costs money. Quality content, that is. Storytelling specifically made to help move people through your sales funnel from stranger to prospect to customer. Content is not a marketing strategy. It’s a tactic. It’s fuel for your sales engine. It’s not the engine itself.

Content creates the foundation of your relationship. It’s the roadmap markers on a self-directed journey that the stranger/prospect/customer prefers to make themselves. They’ll take the next exit if they feel they’re not in control—which is exactly what happens when your content is focused on PHCE business instead of their problem.

And, content will do nothing for you—no matter how much you spend on video, interactive quizzes, social media promotion, webinars, eBooks, or anything else—if you don’t have an effective sales funnel in place. It’s like opening up a store and not having a checkout register.

An online sales funnel and the appropriate content for each step is a powerful way to generate leads, and then convert them into customers. Much of it can be automated once it’s set up. Do you have content but no sales funnel, or vice versa? Is your sales funnel failing to convert?

It might be time to partner with professionals who can align all the elements. Professionals like us.