co Facebook Ads for PHCE Residential Service Providers: Why They Work Well, and How You Can Make Them Work Even Better |

It’s literally a portal to the largest collection of prospects on the planet. Even with the occasional misstep giving them a black eye, Facebook gives PHCE residential service providers access to more than 2 billion monthly users. Of course, the majority of those users are too far away to be true potential customers—but starting with the biggest possible base results in the highest number of truly qualified targets.

Many businesses try Facebook ads and see no results. Sure, there’s a massive bump in likes and impressions, but where are the new customers? Let’s explore the disconnect. First, consider this: you can spend as little as $50 to put your business in front of many thousands of prospects, and then you’ll get a report showing you precisely how many people saw your ad. This is proof that advertising with Facebook is a powerful and cost-effective advertising vehicle.

So, if you spend $50 on Facebook and feel there’s nothing to show for it, maybe it’s time to stop taking a DIY approach.

Beyond the boost

Boosting posts will get comments, shares, and reactions—but it won’t generate sales. Did you know that using the ‘Boost Post’ feature within your Facebook page will only allow you to increase reach among the people who have already liked your page?

You’ll need to go much deeper into Facebook’s advertising platform to reach new prospects. It requires accessing the Facebook Power Editor to deeply customize the audience you want to reach. Social media is about sharing, and Facebook users are generous with the information they share about themselves. The Power Editor allows you to find prospects who match the characteristics of your existing customers.

And you’re just getting started. You’ve determined who you want to reach, but what will you offer them? Facebook is effective at driving traffic to your website, but you have other options. There is a variety of Facebook ad types that help with everything from general grand awareness to lead generation.
You’re most likely interested in lead generation. And here are ways to increase the effectiveness of your Facebook lead generation ads.

Use visually arresting images

Most Facebook users don’t take a casual stroll through their feed. They’re scrolling like crazy! Your Facebook ad needs an image that brings the scroll to an abrupt halt. Disturbing? Absolutely not. Bright, colorful, and eye-catching enough to make a Facebook user say, “Whoa! What’s that?” Now you’re moving in the right direction.
Steer clear of images that use a lot of blues and whites because they tend to blend in with Facebook’s interface. People—especially women—actually using your product help people to put your offer into their worldview.

Speaking of images, now more than ever, people are seeing an increase of posts by friends and family. These photos and videos are at the opposite spectrum of the perfectly lit and composed images seen in ads. However, this doesn’t mean you want to portray an amateurish vibe. It does mean that you want to avoid cheesy, plastic stock photos. Spend the extra time to find the right image to capture attention.

Text can only take up 20% of the total area of your image, and many businesses simply avoid trying to deal with this. Don’t be one of them. You’re paying to express a message. Use the opportunity.

Facebook Pixel: is it on your website?

Facebook can help you target far more precisely when it’s able to track activity and events on your website. It’s free, but it requires you to install Facebook Pixel. (Which also helps you use Instagram advertising more effectively.)
This isn’t necessarily something you can do yourself. You may need to ask whoever takes care of your website to help you insert your pixel ID in the appropriate place, so it works correctly for Facebook.

Target with Facebook’s interest field

People don’t use Facebook to shop. They don’t start up the Facebook app on their phone to seek out a plumber, electrician, or someone to fix their central air conditioning. If your message is hitting people who are not interested in your residential services, you’re getting in the way of their socializing. Not a good idea.

Facebook has no problem delivering massive amounts of eyeballs. It can even deliver prospects who live right there in your service area. But, Facebook needs your help in knowing the interests of the people who are your best prospects. This is where you can be specific, and just how specific you can get might amaze you. In fact, it might help you decide on a special offer just for this group of prospects. Don’t neglect to use this Facebook feature.

Back for more

Most people are not going to go from seeing your Facebook ad to scheduling an appointment for residential services. They’ll need a few more opportunities to engage with you before this happens.

But, if they used your Facebook ad to jump to your website or landing page (the landing page is a better option, by the way), you know they’re worth staying in touch with.

Facebook allows you to create what’s known as a custom audience, so you can get the right message to prospects wherever they happen to be in the sales cycle. In this case, you want to focus on people who checked out your website or landing page—but they haven’t become a customer yet.

Maybe what they need is a special limited-time offer. You can get this specific message in front of prospects only, but you have to be actively using the custom audiences feature offered by Facebook. (Outside of Facebook, this is often known as retargeting.)

The right words

A visually arresting image or video can briefly capture a prospect’s attention. Telling the right story to a prospect keeps their attention. Research of millions of Facebook posts and ads show there are specific phrases that will increase engagement with your ad. Write your headline message with a question that starts with one of these two verbs:

1. Need
2. Want

Or, with a benefit statement that starts with:

  • Find out

Your headline is crucial. About 80% of Facebook users will read it, but only 20% or so will go on to read the rest of your ad. Set up your headline to make it draw attention and offer your value proposition. Everything above the image or video must do a self-contained job of explaining your offer. Use the description below to explain how you’ll deliver satisfaction.

Best practices show your message should be only about 90 characters. Your link headline should be only 25 characters, and the description below it should stay below 30 characters.

Return on investment

It’s possible to personally tackle these necessary extra steps to make Facebook advertising a powerful online lead generation source for your PHCE residential service company. Do a bit of quick calculating before you get started, though.

Is it the best use of your time and resources?

Facebook can and will deliver a constant stream of prospects. You’ve probably already discovered, though, that a DIY approach delivers disappointing results. It’s not the fault of Facebook. It’s a powerful tool for online lead generation—when the tool is correctly used. Your customers rely on you to do the job right. It’s time to take this advice and apply it to growing your business.

It’s time to rely on us for your Facebook lead generation. Find out if we’re available to work with your company.