co 5 Principles for Responsive Web Design |

Updated February 13, 2017.  We live in an age of responsive website design. Mobile purchasing is increasing by the minute. Nearly everyone has a smartphone or a tablet. Many people have both. And mobile browsing is still on the incline. You website needs to be viewable on any device, including a tablet and smartphone. To do otherwise is simply to cut off your nose to spite your face. But what makes for effective responsible website design?

Here are five principles of responsive Web design no business should ignore:

  1. Beautiful Design – It sort of goes without saying, if you’re going to do it, then do it right. Make your website attractive, not just for the Web, but for every device on which it could potentially be viewed.
  2. Easy to Navigate – You want your mobile visitors to be able to find what they are looking for. That means your website needs to be easy to navigate, and to make your website easy to navigate, you also need to consider how navigation is different on each device. Smartphone users have a really small screen. How will your website look on a smartphone compared to a desktop or a laptop computer? Furthermore, will navigation on a tablet be any different?
  3. Responsive Load Speed – Mobile devices are being manufactured these days with some robust features, and while graphics and load capabilities have improved tremendously, you still want to ensure that your website loads quickly on any device.
  4. Build It With the User In Mind – It’s great to make your website easy to update when you need to update it, but don’t forget that your end user is the one who needs to interact with it. If you lose too many visitors, you’ll lose revenues, so make sure you develop your website with your user in mind..
  5. It’s Still a Website – Keep in mind that it’s still a website. That means you still need to optimize it for search, write great content with your audience in mind, and target your content toward the right audience. Anything you do to your traditional website should be done to your responsive website, but you don’t need two websites. They should be one and the same.

Keep your mobile website focused on your visitors’ needs and convert your traffic to sales. It works the same on mobile devices as it does on laptops and desktops.