co What It Means For Your Online Health to Fail |

Updated January 31, 2017. Earlier on this blog, we posted 3 ways to know your online health is failing. But what does that mean, exactly? If you’re accustomed to living and breathing in the real world, you may not know you have online health. But I’m speaking strictly to you business owners.

Your business, just like your body in the real world, has a health status. A part of that status includes online. You measure your online health in a variety of ways, including but not limited to your search rankings, website traffic, social media profiles, inbound links, and audience engagement. Our post last Friday focused mostly on website health issues, but is that all there is to it?

In a word, no.

What Else Affects Online Health?

You’re business’s online health is made up of a combination of issues related to your website, your social media presence, and your overall audience engagement. That includes through communication channels like your blog and newsletter. Essentially, the online health of your business has to do with how well you are identifying, targeting, and reaching the audience you want to reach. That includes converting your website and social traffic to dollars.

What it boils down to is, how well are you marketing and positioning your business in search results, on social media, in your prospects’ inboxes, etc.?

Anywhere you have the potential to engage a client or a would-be client will ultimately affect and impact the online health of your business. There are no exceptions. It even includes off line promotions like events, speaking engagements, and word-of-mouth promotions.

What You Have to Do to Improve Your Online Health

If your body starts failing, your doctor will tell you what you have to do to improve your physical condition. It might include some exercise and maybe a change of diet. Well, your online health doctor will tell you something similar. You need to make some changes.

What changes, specifically, you need to make can’t be determined without an online health checkup.

You may not need to make too many changes. It could be that you’re doing quite well, but you just need to tweak what you’re doing for better results. On the other hand, you may need to overhaul your marketing strategy completely. The first place to look is with your current results. What are you doing, what are you doing well, and where are you seeing success? Once we identify that, we can move on to areas where you need improvement. First things first.