co 6 Ways to Package Long-Form Content |

Updated January 29, 2017. Earlier on this blog we discussed the importance of long-form content. This week, we’ll talk about ways to package your long-form content.

Keep in mind that long-form content is not the only way to approach content marketing. We recommend a mix of long-form and short-form content. But here are the ways you can use long-form content to supplement what you are doing with short articles:

  1. Blog posts – Anything over 2,000 words is considered long-form in blogging. Long blog posts can be more detailed and offer far more value to readers than short-form blog posts. That’s why many of your veteran A-level bloggers are doing it.
  2. White papers – White papers and special reports are objectively written papers that certain industries use to discuss critical problems and their solutions. They make great marketing tools and are considered one of the top three most influential types of content online.
  3. Books – Whether you publish your books as print books or e-books doesn’t matter. Books are the flagship information product. Package your knowledge into a good book and it can serve as a calling card for your business.
  4. E-mail content – People are still attached to their e-mails. You can package your long-form content in the way of a newsletter or as a standalone e-mail article that you send out between newsletter issues. Either way, if you have a following, your fans are just as likely to read your long-form content as they are your short-form content.
  5. Magazine articles – Content marketing doesn’t all have to be done online. If you can write, you can sell your articles to magazines. You still get a bio in most cases and can list your website in your bio. This is how the experts do it.
  6. Guest blog posts – Guest posting on other blogs within your niche is a great way to gain new followers to your own blog. Most A-level blogs these days love long-form content. So submit a few guest posts and see what happens.

Long-form content is in. That means, if you want to increase your following and your visibility, start writing long-form content and publishing it various ways. You can even re-purpose some of that content and package it in more than one way.