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Updated January 25, 2017. One might be tempted to think that, since YouTube is the second largest search engine online, video marketing is an over-used–or, at least, widely used–form of online marketing. In fact, while it is used quite extensively (as of November 2014, 300 hours of video are uploaded to YouTube every minutes), I’d say it’s still a bit under-used. Here’s why.

As of January of this year, content creation has the second largest share of digital marketing budgets. Search engine marketing has the largest share.

While 73% of B2B marketers use video in their content marketing strategy, they aren’t using video exclusively. I’m not suggesting that they should, but if content creation and SEM are the top two online marketing spend categories, then where is video?

In November last year, Forbes ran an article predicting the top 7 online marketing trends in 2015. It’s interesting to note that three of them were:

  1. Mobile optimization will become more important than ever (it has)
  2. Content marketing will be bigger than ever
  3. Marketers will find new ways to make native advertising less promotional and more relevant

Why Video Marketing Is Under-Used

In his article, Jayson DeMers says

Case studies, video content (emphasis mine), research-intensive content, and content that abides by the 12 quality metrics will be what gives businesses an advantage over their competitors.

In other words, if online marketers are going to stand out in the crowd of the content marketing malaise, then they will have to use video content more.

One place where video content has the power to reach more prospects, and which we know consumers are readily watching videos in large doses, is on their mobile devices. That includes tablets and smartphones.

And on the third point I’ll say this: Nowhere can video content be more powerful and reach more potential customers and prospects than in the area of native advertising. Native ads are those ads that pop up in your Twitter and Facebook feeds (and other places) that look a lot like your normal feed posts. Imagine more advertisers using video content in their native ads. How powerful would it be to present your target audience with a video that looks just like any other video that pops up in their social media feeds?

All of this spells more opportunity for video marketers, which in turn spells an under-used potential for a powerful marketing tactic.

You can add video marketing to our list of under-used online marketing tools.