co 6 Powerful Ways to Drive Traffic to Your Website |

Updated January 15, 2017. If you aren’t generating traffic for your website, you can’t increase your conversions. So your first step to increasing your online business is to generate more traffic. Here are 6 powerful ways to generate more traffic for your website’s landing pages.

  1. Search engine optimization – Start by optimizing your web pages for search engine traffic. One visitor to your website from a search engine is worth ten from paid sources, because it’s a free source of traffic. Do it right and you can generate ongoing traffic for years to come.
  2. Social media promotion – Active engagement on social media sites where your target audience hangs out is one of the best ways to generate traffic. Build a relationship first and people will visit your website based on your connection.
  3. Guest blogging – You can tap into other sources of traffic by writing guest blog posts on blogs that reach the same audience you are trying to reach or that publish information similar to yours.
  4. Pay-per-click advertising – While you have to pay for this traffic, you only pay when someone clicks on your ad, and you can generally generate more traffic in a shorter period of time than you can with other methods of online traffic generation.
  5. Video marketing – Videos are powerful because they utilize moving images and three-dimensional, multimedia formats to deliver your messages. Engage the right audience with video and you’ll drive traffic to your website in droves.
  6. Directories – Directories are still an important source of traffic for many websites. List your business in directories like Yelp and Angie’s List to get found by local people searching for you, and your customers can leave reviews of your business, which are important for generating more website traffic.

What it Takes to Build Website Traffic

Generating website traffic isn’t easy, but it is simple. You just have to position your message and brand in front of the right people at the right time on the right platforms.

Start with identifying your target audience. Then, once you know who you’re targeting, create a persona for each segment of your audience so you know what they like, what they’re looking for, and what is important to them. Based on your personas, write content that is targeted for each of your market segments using keywords that are searchable and that are searched most often. The best time to start is right now.