co 3 Ways to Know Your Online Health is Failing |

To have a healthy online presence, it’s important that you keep your business and marketing goals in perspective. Otherwise, you may wake up one day and find that your business has disappeared off the radar. Here are three sure-fire ways to know that your online health is failing.

  1. Your website is falling in the search engine rankings – If you see yourself at No. 1, or even on the first page, of Google results for your important keywords one day, and the next day you can’t see yourself at all, it could be because something has gone awry with your search marketing plan. It’s time for an audit.
  2. You are starting to lose traffic – There are a number of reasons why you may lose search traffic, but if you don’t investigate it and fix it, then you may find your website drifting into obscurity. Take a look at your stats and note the source of your traffic. Did you do anything recently that might have impacted where your traffic is coming from?
  3. You are seeing a decline in opt-in subscribers – Opt-in subscribers are a sure sign of a healthy website. If you have a great offer and are accustomed to seeing responses, then all of a sudden you are getting fewer opt-ins, there’s got to be a reason why.

What These Tell-Tale Signs of Failing Online Health Really Mean

It’s likely that if you see one of these issues, then you’ll see them all. Fewer opt-ins to your subscriptions could mean less traffic is arriving at your landing pages. Less traffic may be a sign that your website is declining in the search rankings. However, just because you have one of these symptoms doesn’t mean that you have a problem. Sometimes, a search algorithm update can lead to a temporary drop in rankings that corrects itself after a few hours or a couple of days. You’ll need a professional eye to determine whether you actually have an online health problem.

If you aren’t feeling well, you go to a doctor. If your website presence is beginning to look pale, get an online health checkup.