co Social Media Keeps Improving, But So What? |

If you need proof that social media continues to improve, just look at the two recent updates from Twitter.

I think I agree with Cynthia Boris, if you’re going to send a private tweet to 20 people, then you may as well send a public tweet. But what if you are a corporate manager and you want to send a tweet only to people you directly supervise? That’s a good occasion for sending a mass private tweet. So this is a big improvement in my book, as more and more big businesses are letting their employees use Twitter.

But there’s another improvement that is going to be big in the long run.

If you have a business account on Twitter and you tweet from your mobile phone, you can now capture, edit, and share videos right from the app in your phone. That’s powerful, and it takes Twitter to the next level right alongside Pinterest, Instagram, and Vine.

Think of any social network today and developers are working feverishly to improve it. Twitter is not the odd ball out. When LinkedIn acquired Pulse and added blogging to its platform, it was a huge improvement for LinkedIn users. Today, many people use their LinkedIn Pulse blogs as an additional blog to draw attention to their businesses and drive traffic to their websites. It seems to be working.

Social Media is a Huge Driver of Engagement

Of course, one shouldn’t use social media for business simply because it’s continuous improvement mode. In fact, Twitter, LinkedIn, and every social networking site online could improve tenfold and that’s no reason to use it. You want to use social media because it delivers results, and there is one area where a social media strategy can deliver huge results. That’s in the area of engagement.

This makes it difficult to measure ROI, because you may not have many statistics that show you every customer’s path from social network to conversion, but that isn’t really the point. If you can use social media to engage your audience, some of them will turn into customers. That much we can say with confidence.

For that reason, you should keep up with the improvements in social media because those improvements can help you drive more engagement. More engagement means more chances for converting traffic to gold.