co Link Building Like It's 2010 |

You may find it surprising that there are still folks link building like it’s 2010, but I was recently approached by a company that wanted me to write a 200-300 word blog post on why their real estate product was a good buy. And I was supposed to link back to their website.

The pay was good, but there was one problem. Small Business Mavericks isn’t a real estate blog. That kind of post would look funny on my website.

3 Qualities of a Good Link

There are essentially three qualities that you want every self-generated link to your website to have. If you are going to generate your own links, then you need to ensure each link has these three qualities. In a nutshell:

  1. Link Relevance – You want your inbound links to be relevant. That is, you want the link itself to be related (in topic and in keywords) to the website it is linking to. Otherwise, what’s the point?
  2. Site Relevance – It’s not enough that your link be relevant to the site you are linking to. You also want the website your link sits on to be relevant to the site you are linking to. If possible, hone that relevance down to the page your link is on too. Relevance is a very important ranking factor all around.
  3. Content Quality – Not only do you want the quality of the content surrounding the link on the page that is linking to you to be high quality, but you want the quality of the content on the website where the link is pointing to be of the highest quality. One reason many companies are willing to pay so well for inbound links is to ensure they get high quality content on those pages with the links. But it’s a bit pointless if you aren’t going to invest in high quality content on your own website.

These are not the only three qualities you want your links to have, but it’s a good place to start. The best links are natural links. In other words, you write great content on your website and other people in your niche find that content and link to it because they like it. These are not self-generated links, nor are they links you solicited. They are links that others deemed you were worthy of by the quality of your content.

Here’s the takeaway: Quit link building like it’s 2010. Just write great content.