co 7 Ways to Be More Effective on Social Media |

It’s good that you are active on social media, but how effective is your marketing? It’s not that there are right and wrong ways of marketing through social media sites like Facebook and Twitter, but you can be more effective with a few simple tweaks to your strategy. Here are seven ways to make your social media strategy more effective for your business.

  1. Spend less time posting – You don’t have to be a posting powerhouse to be effective on any social media site. All you really need to do is post a few times a day. With tools like Buffer and Hootsuite, you can preschedule to your posts to hit any time you want.
  2. Spend more time listening – You don’t have to sit and watch your Twitter feed, but do pay attention to what other people are saying. You can often get ideas for blog posts by listening to the noise. Be sure you ferret out the bad noise from the good sounds, however, and see what you can learn.
  3. Take time to connect – Don’t forget the social part of social media. If you aren’t connecting with your audience, you aren’t engaging your audience.
  4. Don’t make it all about yourself – Tweet and retweet the posts of others, share information no matter where it comes from, and engage your audience with useful information they can’t find anywhere else. Make yourself an authority.
  5. Be yourself – While you don’t want every tweet, Facebook post, or Pinterest pin to be all about you, you do want your personality to shine through. Be opinionated, take a stand, let others know what makes you tick.
  6. Give credit where credit is due – If you quote a source, cite it. If you borrow an idea, say where you got it from. Piggybacking on social media is encouraged. It makes you look good and it makes others look good. Any time you can make someone else’s light shine, you add a little bit more energy to your own bulb.
  7. Make it visual – Even Twitter has become more visual. Don’t just focus on text-based shares. Mix it up a bit. Share images, videos, and graphics that tell a story along with your expert insights. You’ll make your social media much more interesting and engaging.

It’s good to be on social media, but take some time to learn how to use it effectively. Your business will be the better for it.