co 5 Offline Activities That Can Impact SEO |

In today’s interconnected and integrated world, small- and medium-sized businesses can’t think in binary terms (i.e. online vs. offline). Instead, you’ve got to think about ways you can make all of your marketing pay off both for offline business and your online business brand. Here are five specific offline activities that have the potential to impact your search engine optimization.

  1. Public Speaking – Believe it or not, if you are a public speaker, you can drive traffic to your blog. Just as important, you can attract links to your blog and website. Ask conference organizers and other organizations you speak in front of to put your website address in your bio on their marketing collateral. Many people who come to listen to you speak will link to your website, tweet your speech and slide presentation, and help boost you in the search engine rankings.
  2. Authoring a Book – Who doesn’t want to be an author? You can actually publish a print book and have it rank in Google Books, which has the potential to get you ranked for important keywords associated with your business.
  3. POS Interaction – When you check your customers out at the cash register in your brick-and-mortar store, ask them to take a quick survey and send them to your website online. You can even go further than that. Sign them up for your newsletter. If you publish routinely to your blog, send links to that content in your newsletter. Your customers just might link back to you.
  4. Run Frequent Specials – If you have a sale once a month, you can actually train your customers to link to your website from Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and their own blogs. Those inbound links will boost your search rankings.
  5. Do Something Newsworthy – There’s no better way to get free publicity than to earn media attention. There are any number of ways you can do that–host an event, jack the news, or promote from within. With even local news outlets these days publishing the news online, you are sure to receive online media attention and maybe even a link back to your website. Be sure to tie your website to your real-world event in some way.

SEO doesn’t all have to be about your online activity. It’s also what you do offline.

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