co 6 Underused Internet Marketing Tools |

Internet marketing has come a long way since the first days of the Web. More tools have been developed to help Internet marketers implement and measure successful marketing campaigns, and when we think about online marketing tools and tactics we often think about search engine optimization, e-mail marketing, blogging, and social media. But is this all there is?


There are plenty more online marketing tools. We just have to think critically about them, and, in particular, about their value to us as marketers. Here are 6 Internet marketing tools and tactics that are drastically underused by most marketers today:

  1. Podcasts – Almost everyone has heard of podcasting, and a lot of people are doing it, but there are still a lot of people not doing it. Most of us think of podcasting as an ongoing radio show, but it doesn’t have to be an ongoing show. It can be a short series of podcasts about a particular topic that you produce for the sole purpose of informing people interested in your topic about that topic and how it can benefit them. After the series has run its course, you simply continue to make it available as a source of information. You’re the expert, so why not use it?
  2. E-books – As popular as Amazon has made e-book publishing, there are still a lot of nonfiction authors who have not discovered the power of e-books for building authority and an audience. You don’t have to distribute your books through Amazon, but Amazon does have a powerful marketing engine. Why not take advantage of it?
  3. Mobile apps – Mobile apps present a unique opportunity for marketers. Most of us think of highly technical tools that require a lot of coding and are expensive to produce. They don’t have to be. Think simply at first. What do people want in your niche? Can you make it available through a simple app? If so, why not?
  4. Press releases – Press releases are an old mainstay in public relations. They are just as important online as they ever were, and with the growth of news wire services, they can be distributed to the right people in record time.
  5. QR codes – QR codes are a good idea that just hasn’t caught on. Everyone today has a smartphone. QR codes give you a unique opportunity to make special offers via smartphone that can’t be made any other way.
  6. Web directories – Remember when Web directories were all the rage? Everyone wanted to be listed in even the most obscure directories just for the coveted link back to their website. Then Google discounted those links. Now, few people want to be listed in directories. But some directories–like Yelp and Angie’s List–are incredible. They serve a type of business that can bank easy money long term off of one good directory listing.

What Internet marketing tools and tactics do you consider underused? What works for you?