co 3 Signs Your Online Health is Deteriorating |

How’s your online health?

Just like your physical health, you should get in the habit of checking your online health periodically. But how do you know if your online health is failing? Here are 3 sure signs that your business’s online health is going south.

  1. You can’t be found in the search engines – If your website isn’t getting indexed in the search engines, then it could be for a number of reasons. Maybe you’re not targeting the right keywords, or your site has crawlability issues. It could be because you got stuck in a bad neighborhood and have attracted some bad inbound links. Whatever the case, you need to explore the reasons why and fix the issues.
  2. You have a high bounce rate – A high bounce rate could be indicative of a poor website design, or it might be because your search engine listings do not reflect accurately what your website content is all about. Either way, you’ve got to find out why your bounce rate is so high and work to correct it. Ideally, you’ll attract the right visitors for your website and keep them on the site longer.
  3. Your website traffic is in decline – One reason websites lose traffic is because they don’t have enough inbound links, or they have the wrong kind of inbound links. Another reason may be the site isn’t updated often enough. By installing a blog to your website and writing to it on a regular basis, you could increase your website traffic tremendously over time. Another tactic to use is guest blogging. Write articles for other people’s blogs and drive traffic to your website.

Get An Online Health Checkup Today

The first step to improving your online health is to get a checkup. Once you know how your website is performing in the search engines, on social media, and in your analytics dashboard, then you can set about correcting any deficiencies. But you can’t fix what you don’t measure.

After getting a checkup, identify three specific tactics you can use to address deficiencies in your online health. If the problem is traffic, find three ways you can increase your website’s traffic. If it is search engine rankings, find three ways to improve your SEO. Next, implement those tactics so you can improve your online health. It usually takes small steps implemented incrementally to improve your online health over time. Rarely does it lead to overnight success, but every situation is different.