co 6 Timeless Principles for Content Marketers |

Your content marketing strategy should consist of six timeless principles that will keep visitors coming back to your site again and again and lead those visitors to do business with you through a series of steps called your sales funnel. Here are the six timeless principles for effective content marketing.

  1. Your content should be based on great research – Research is the backbone to good writing. You probably know enough about your niche that you can write a lot of content from memory. But you should back up your content with solid research that cites sources. Not every article necessarily, but don’t rely only on your own authority either.
  2. It should be well-written – You should never publish any piece of content that doesn’t meet the highest quality standards. Make everything you publish well-written and highly polished.
  3. Optimize your content for search traffic – While you shouldn’t focus your article writing efforts on the search engines to the detriment of human readers, you should make an effort to optimize it for search traffic. After all, the search engines are still a large referrer of traffic for most websites. The better optimized your content, the more likely searchers are to find it it in the search rankings.
  4. Make it shareable – Not only should your content be optimized for the search engines, but you should strive to make it shareable too. That means writing attention-grabbing headlines and writing awesome content that inspires readers to share it on their social networks.
  5. Good content should be visual – Add an image or a video to your content every now and then. It can’t hurt.
  6. Good content fits the design – Don’t forget about design elements. You want your content to be high quality, but you also want your website design to equal that quality. Would you put a $100 book on a $5 shelf? Make your website look good and fill it with awesome content.

Of course, not all content you publish needs to be on your own website. You can write great content that meets all of these criteria and publish it on other people’s websites then add a bio that drives traffic back to your website.

Content marketing is about proving yourself a recognized authority in your niche. If you follow these principles of content marketing , that should be a breeze.