co 5 Offline Ways to Drive Traffic to Your Website |

Looking for ways to drive traffic to your website that don’t involve social media, pay-per-click advertising, or search engine optimization? Have you tried any of these offline marketing techniques?

  1. Networking – Offline networking still works. Find a networking event in your area and attend at least one meeting. It could be a Chamber of Commerce event, a business referral exchange service, or any type of business meeting where you’ll meet other local business professionals. Another take on this is to find a niche industry event that meets anywhere. You may have to travel, but by developing relationships with people in your industry, you could find great networking opportunities. If possible, get a speaking gig at a networking event.
  2. Hire a Mascot – If your business is the type of business that could benefit from having a mascot, find somebody willing to dress up as your mascot and stand on the street corner with a sign. On your sign, include your website address. In fact, your mascot could hold a sign with nothing on it but your website address. The idea is to spark curiosity.
  3. Rent a billboard – People still read billboards. As long as people drive cars and there are roadways, there will be outdoor advertising. And billboards are a cheap form of advertising compared to many other types of offline marketing.
  4. Advertise on TV – Chances are, you’ve seen ads of businesses on your television that either promote a website or include a website address in their messaging. This is extremely effective. It might cost more than other types of offline advertising, but if your business stands to profit from the expense, it can drive traffic to your website. Just be sure you have an offer on your site for people when they get there.
  5. Direct Mail – If there is a form of advertising more expensive than television advertising, it’s direct mail. But it’s also one of the most effective ways to draw attention to your business. Send out a brochure or a letter of introduction letting potential customers know what you have to offer.

Which Offline Marketing Methods Should You Try?

There’s no way of knowing which of these offline marketing tactics will work for you until you try them. Chances are, a combination of these will be most effective. Establish a budget and determine what will work best for your business. Offline marketing is still effective–for any type of business.