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Do you know what the most effective Internet marketing is? We get this question all the time. Sometimes it is asked, “What is the best way to promote a business online?” Or someone might ask, “Which Internet marketing tactic gets the most results?” No matter how the question is asked, the questioner always has one goal in mind–to ascertain the most effective strategy for marketing their business online.

The answer is much more simple than you’d think, but it’s something that a lot of business owners aren’t willing to accept. Are you ready?

The most effective Internet marketing is the set of tactics that support a strategy customized for your particular business.

How to Determine the Best Online Marketing Strategy for Your Business

There is no fail-proof way to determine the best Internet marketing strategy for a business. There’s no one method that works for every business across the board. That’s because all businesses are different. Their customers are different and their needs are different.

Even within the same industry, businesses can have different goals. Maybe your target market is slightly different than the competition’s. You have to consider that.

Your first step to determining the best way to market your business online is to perform an online health check-up. How does your business look right now? Is your content getting ranked in the search engines? Does your website’s design appeal to visitors or is it turning them off? Are you reaching your target demographic in the social networks you hang out in?

After determining your online health, do a survey to find out where your target customers hang out online. After that, it’s creating great content that will appeal to your market and then promoting that content to get it in front of your targets.

Internet Marketing is Content Marketing

All Internet marketing is content marketing. If you buy online ads, that’s a form of content. If you write articles and promote them on social media, that’s content marketing. If you publish your content in a newsletter, that’s content marketing. The idea is to write great content that informs and entertains while driving traffic back to your sales pages. The ultimate goal is to drive your target customers into your sales funnel.

You can’t market any business online without great content. That’s why it’s important to define your objectives, define your target market, then hit them with the content that is going to trigger a reaction. It’s the way marketing has always been done.