co How Blogging Has Changed Branding |

Over the last 10 years I have seen online marketing go through quite a few changes. That includes blogging. In fact, blogging and branding are inextricably linked if you do it right.

For businesses, however, blogging has changed branding in a few very powerful ways. Let’s count them.

  1. Content Packaging – One very real way blogging has changed branding is it allows companies, large or small, a place to publish their best content in an easy, accessible format. With platforms like WordPress, you can write a post and publish it in the same day, which means your content publishing schedule has speeded up. On the other hand, a blog is a new way to create and publish content that is versatile and customizable to your brand’s needs.
  2. It’s More Conversational – Another way blogging has changed branding is to make businesses more accessible and conversational. Gone are the days of mass marketing where brands shouted their message through a box. Now, you are walking alongside your customer and chatting with her as if she is your best friend.
  3. Content is More Interactive – Blogs have made brands more interactive. Your customers don’t feel a wall between you and themselves like they do with traditional marketing (brochures, billboards, TV and radio, etc.). Since they are right there with you, they can interact with your content by commenting on it, sharing it, liking it, and asking you questions–many times in real time.
  4. It Builds Trust – A blog has a way of building trust for your brand. Due to the unique nature of blogging, your brand can be in front of your customers within minutes. Your customers can interact with you, ask you questions, make suggestions, and you can pivot based on the information you receive.

How Does This Help You Move Your Brand Forward?

Now that you know how powerful blogging is as a branding tool, what can you do to move your brand forward? For starters, you can use your blog to communicate with your customers more about the inner workings of your business.

Any way you can improve customer service and meet customer expectations is a plus for your business. A blog can help you do that by giving you instant feedback and eternal access to your customers. Branding is now a two-way street. It isn’t a megaphone. It’s a telephone.