co Is Content Curation Profitable? |

If you’ve been markting online for a while, then you likely know a little bit about content creation. Even if you aren’t sure about the practical strategy aspect of content marketing, you know you should be doing it. But what about content curation? Is there any value in curating the content of others?

There are a couple of ways of looking at this question. Here’s the first.

You Are a Content Museum Director

Think about an art museum. An art curator takes the artwork of several artists and displays it effectively to present a useful theme. Sometimes that theme is evident and sometimes it isn’t quite as easy to detect. Either way, however, the museum director is creating a unique experience for the museum goer by seeking out the pieces she will include in her exhibit.

There are several ways to make this type of curation work, even for content marketing:

  1. Single-artist curation: The museum director can display pieces from a single artist to create a unique exhibit experience. With content marketing, you’d take several content pieces from one well-known marketer and put them together in a package–either on your blog, in your newsletter, or your Facebook page, for instance.
  2. Multiple-artist Single-theme: Another way to curate content on your blog, your newsletter, or wherever is to pick a theme and look for content that matches that theme. This is very powerful as you can get content from well-known sources and more obscure sources. You simply look for the best and include it.
  3. Timed content: Another variation of content curation is to pick the most timely content regardless of theme or creator. You’re just simply picking the best of the latest content created within your niche.

Content Creation Like Magazine Publishing

If thinking of yourself as a content museum director isn’t helpful, think of yourself as a content publisher providing value for your readership. All the best magazines today are content creators. They’ll have sections for their content and some of it will be the same type of content from issue to issue with different takes on the content. These are typically called columns. Other content pieces will be featured content, or premium content.

Another way the magazine content publishing model works is with a theme. You pick a theme and gear your content toward that theme. You can do this periodically by creating special issues or make theme-based content a regular part of your curation strategy.

Content curation can often be less time consuming, but it’s a profitable way to add value to your brand while providing value to your audience.