co Do You Believe These SEO Myths? |

SEO has been around a long time. For as long as there have been search engines, if you think about it. Certainly, it has been around long enough to collect some myths that should be debunked. Here are a few of the worst:

SEO is no longer being used in internet marketing.

This one is kind of silly, because as long as there’s a search engine, there will be a way to optimize your site for it. SEO may have changed a lot, but it absolutely is an important part of any Internet marketing plan.

SEO is a matter of using a secret formula

I suppose if careful analysis, comprehensive planning, and consistent maintenance is a secret, this one is true. SEO is a skilled craft developed by experience and study, always involving effort.

SEO is dishonest because it is trying to trick Google

Black hat SEO is dishonest because it is trying to game the system and get a worthless site ranked high. SEO itself is simply understanding the way the search engines work and developing your site accordingly so the searcher can find what they seek — valuable content.

SEO is a one-time investment

This one is like saying a garden will produce a harvest from one afternoon of work in the spring. SEO is an ongoing process that involves dealing intelligently with what you run into over time.

SEO is something anybody can do in their spare time

Maybe if the person we are talking about is a computer whiz kid whose hobby is coding and has been fascinated by search engines since infancy. If that’s not you, it takes more than spare time.

SEO isn’t worth the investment because a good site will be found

I know a guy who is a fifth-generation woodworker living where his family has been doing woodworking for decades. He “doesn’t need a website” because he gets people who know the family reputation and come looking, or call the phone number that has been the same since he was a kid.

He did have a site for a while, but it never was optimized so he never really saw the value of SEO. It was a good site for an amateur, but he decided it wasn’t worth the investment because there was no traffic. Can new customers find him? Nope.

 The Truth About SEO

Search Engine Optimization keeps changing because search engines keep improving the process of giving users what they want — links to the valuable content that they are looking for.