co Two Sides of SEO |

Ibemere Obinna makes a good point when he says, “SEO for real estate marketing is a journey, not a destination“. But his observations actually are valid for all internet marketing, because no matter what your industry is, the same two sides of SEO apply:

  • the process of reaching your search engine ranking goals
  • the process of maintaining your search engine ranking goals

Just as a nickel has two sides but is still one coin, these two sides of SEO involve much of the same steps. In order to become relevant and stay relevant, you have to be active rather than passive. Obinna’s suggestions are like a mechanic’s maintenance list:

  1. Make your link building look natural
  2. Pay attention to algorithm changes
  3. Monitor your competitor’s backlinks
  4. Carefully watch your own backlinks
  5. Keep track of your search engine rankings
  6. Watch your search engine click-thru rate

Doesn’t this list sound like what you do to get higher in the SERPs?

Of course, there are more aspects to both reaching and maintaining search engine rankings, but the lesson here is that you don’t get to stop paying attention to what is going on.

You Have To Pay Attention

Search engine optimization is not a once-and-done proposition, and it really does work similarly to any other engine because it is ongoing. We have talked about ways to tune up your SEO using your car engine as an example because most people understand that cars are to drive. What point is there in having a car that just sits there?

To have a car that gets you where you want to go, all the parts have to work together correctly. But you also have to put gas, oil, and other fluids in it and do a lot of other things to keep it running optimally. So the goal of car ownership is going to involve ongoing maintenance if that car is going to be driven on the road and useful to you.

The two sides of SEO, reaching your goal and maintaining that goal, involve constant tweaking because search engines change their algorithms as they work to maintain their own goal of being the choice of the user. The user chooses a search engine based on which one works on their device and which one gives them the answer they are looking for.

Since this dynamic is always changing, optimizing your site and marketing efforts for SEO is always changing, too. It’s challenging, it’s profitable, and it’s fun because there will always be something new to learn.