co The Best Thing About Case Studies |

We have talked about the top reasons case studies make good marketing before, and these reasons are good — case studies are easier to write than white papers, more apt to be read because they are stories of real people, improve your credibility because they verify your claims about the benefits of your business, and they are really flexible in format.

But the best thing about case studies, from a marketing standpoint, is the fact that the content is your own. Your customers, your business, your product or service are all combined into a unique piece of content that can be fuel for generating more content and search engine optimization.

Case Studies & More Content

Every case study is a story, but it is also data that can be turned into an infographic, podcast, video tutorial, or even an e-book. The more case studies you have about your customers and their experiences, the more ways you can combine the information into new presentations of content.

The pictures of your customers and their use of your offerings are content, too. Just make sure you get permission before publishing anything. Think about your customer demographic and give them what they want, a vision for using your offerings, and present it the way they like to get their information. Some groups are readers, some are podcast lovers, some like visuals, and some prefer short videos.

Case Studies & SEO

All this great, unique content is good for search engine optimization — if you have it presented the way the search engines operate. Here’s where your nuts and bolts of keywords, URLs, responsive design and the rest of it will matter. If you don’t have someone on your team who is good at this, the investment in expert help is worth it.

Remember that two kinds of readers are scanning your site, looking for the information they want. The first reader, the search engine, looks at that site differently than the second reader, the user. But the user won’t get a chance to look at your site if it doesn’t come up when they search for it.

Unique content, the kind that you get with your own case studies and development from those stories, is a good indicator to a search engine that you are a legitimate site. But poorly written content that doesn’t have the factors search engines look for will keep your site from reaching its full potential.