co 12 Winning Facebook Tactics |

If you are a business on Facebook these days, you know that it is a lot like surfing: If you caught the wave and stayed on top, you are riding high, but if you missed it, you are treading water and looking for the next wave to catch. Fortunately, for those of us who feel like we are doing the doggie paddle, Search Engine Journal just gave us 12 Facebook Tactics Working Right Now. If you have wanted some ideas for posts on Facebook, Courtney Seiter has written an interesting list:

  1. Post Native Videos — pick a featured video you’ve created, post it directly to Facebook, and make it part of a video playlist.
  2. Share Quote Photos — you know those pretty pictures with the inspiring words? Make some and see if your encouragement gets shared.
  3. Target Your Organic Posts — this makes sure your message is seen by the group you want to reach.
  4. Engage Your CTA Button — that Call To Action is designed to encourage the action you want to see, so why not use it?
  5. Try Dark Posts — these don’t show up on your timeline but go out to a select audience. It’s a good idea to do some split-testing and see what works for you.
  6. Zero In on your Key Topics — do your research and see which keywords click with your audience and build on those.
  7. Up Your Posting Frequency — more posts seem to drive more engagement without creating negativity.
  8. Get Creative with Trending Topics — look for ways to bring a hot topic into a post, but be careful to keep it natural and unforced.
  9. Study Your Negative Feedback — look for patterns to guide post types, themes, and language use by examining what folks hid (that post or all posts?), unliked your page from, or reported as spam.
  10. Keep Testing — the goal should be something real, like sales, instead of the elusive viral fad.
  11. 3-D Ads — this is a prediction of a wave coming up, and it might be perfect for your business plans.
  12. Cinemagraphs — to quote, “another future eye-catcher on Facebook, taking utmost advantage of Facebook’s video autoplay.”

If any of these look like something you’d like to know more about, the SEJ article is full of helpful advice. Not all of these are going to be appropriate for every business page on Facebook, but some will.

I think there will always be new tactics to explore, and we need to do the tracking & analytics research to know if that particular wave will be one that we should ride.