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It’s always important to stand out among your competitors, and this is particularly true when it comes to internet marketing. If your business site isn’t what the consumer and search engines are looking for, there’s not much reason to pick you over your rivals. So how can we differentiate our site?

Armando Roggio gives us 7 Product Detail Page Differentiators for 2015 on Practical Ecommerce, and while he is specifically targeting the product detail page, I think there are some lessons to be learned. Here is his list:

  1. Embedded video with subjects like product demonstrations, tips, & suggestions.
  2. Multiple images of each product for more comprehensive views.
  3. Customer-submitted images of the product in use.
  4. Customer reviews and ratings are a feature most shoppers want to see.
  5. Return policy information eases concerns about the process.
  6. Shipping information can be the motivator for the sale if the details are clear.
  7. Customer service options like a call center, email, or chat for instant support.

Website Development Has To Keep User Experience In Mind

Every single one of the features on Armando Roggio’s list are features that a user will appreciate when they come to the site. The absence of several of these features might be what takes that user to a competitor’s site. Every page on your site should have customer service options and, if you sell something, shipping & return policies. These things could be what turns a searcher into a customer.

Many times, the presence or absence of such information makes the difference in search page rankings, too. Your site needs to be mobile-friendly because both Google and the average consumer are looking for responsive website design.

We use our phones to search for a product or service, then to find the business that provides the product or service. But many times we want to make sure that business is going to provide exactly what we want, and this is where that list of 7 differentiators comes in.

The Most Important Way To Differentiate Your Site

It’s tough to say what “the most important” thing on a site is, because all the factors work together. But if there’s one thing that has to be absolutely clear to the user, it’s how to easily contact your company and get a quick response. If that searcher on their smartphone can’t hit your phone number and call you to ask a question, you may lose that potential customer to someone who will pick up their phone.

Responsiveness is the way your business stands out against your competitors.