co Have You Written That E-Book Yet? |

One of the best ways to develop a reputation for knowing what you are doing is writing a book about your subject. There is something impressive about being responsible for all those words, right? With the ease of digital publishing, it’s not difficult to put together some e-books and become a published author. It makes you authority and it also is an excellent marketing strategy for your business.

Benefits of E-Books & Business

Do you have a category on your e-reader for the free books you picked up because you wanted to learn more about that subject? Even if you don’t get around to reading it yet, that was a click that counted for the e-book’s author. And it is a potential connection when you run across it as you scroll through your e-reader looking for something to read.

You don’t have to sell an e-book in order to profit from it. As you promote your e-book, you promote yourself and your business. You build authority with every e-book you put out there:

  • how to use a particular product
  • troubleshooting techniques
  • history of your niche
  • case studies
  • stories of real people using your service or product
  • whatever your customers are interested in (start with your FAQs for ideas)

These books don’t need to be long, because many of us don’t have time to read long books. But every e-book you put out there is another testimony to the fact that you & your business know enough about it to write a book. Or, in the case of a ghostwriter, you know enough about it to approve a book that represents your business. Some of us are not great at writing, but we know what we want to say when we see it.

You can offer a free e-book in exchange for a newsletter sign-up, and add to your email list. You can put your e-books on Amazon, Apple, or Smashwords and reach people who don’t know about your business but are looking for information. There are many ways that creating e-books will benefit your business, and we are still in the beginning of the trend.

Like all trends, this one might pass, but it won’t pass without making a deep impact on the way we get information. Since marketing is basically imparting information and encouraging the contact to come closer to get more information, e-books are a natural fit.