co How Many Dead Ends Are On Your Site? |

Laura McDougall has some pet peeves she shared on SwellPath recently. When she says “Don’t Make Me Click The Back Button“, she is talking about the frustration of navigating a website and running into dead ends — a pet peeve that many of us share. When a website is frustrating to use, how many of us go find another site that gives us what we want without all the hassle? Here are her simple ways to avoid that:

  • Make external links open a new browser tab by adding the following attribute: target=“_blank”
  • Rich snippets like breadcrumb navigation. To quote McDougall, ” Breadcrumbs enable users to move seamlessly to and from prior pages. They provide the corresponding page directory with Home, Category, Subcategory, Detail Page, etc., which makes for breezy browsing.”
  • Internal links that provide the next step, providing a logical choice for the reader.
  • Drop-down menus that make it easy to select the page you want to see. Make sure it functions properly when JavaScript is disabled

User Experience Is The Reason For The Website

Any website that is frustrating to use doesn’t have a reason to exist, if you think about it. The website is for people to find your business and get information, services, or products. If that site is full of dead ends or hasn’t been updated in forever and a half, how much is it helping your business?

Maintaining a site involves more than an online health checkup, but that is a good place to start. It is easy to create a site and add a blog post regularly without realizing that things aren’t healthy. Analyzing your site for things like dead ends will give you accurate data for improving user experience — and that will improve your bottom line.