co Are There 10 Commandments of Internet Marketing? |

Business2Community is a great site, and Peter Kim’s Ten Commandments of Online Marketing is an excellent list of solid advice. His ten commandments are:

  1. have a strategic plan
  2. have a strong adaptable website
  3. have a strong and growing visibility in search
  4. be social
  5. consistently produce original written content
  6. get listed or mentioned on other relevant websites
  7. produce and distribute original photos and videos
  8. advertise intelligently
  9. utilize analytics to track ROI
  10. be adaptable

These are good. Every single thing is something that could be it’s own blog post when you consider it closer. What would you add to this list? Do you think there should be eleven or thirteen or seventeen commandments of online marketing?

What would you take off? Should there be three or five or eight commandments of online marketing? It seems to me that we like certain numbers for lists better than we like others. Ten is popular because we have ten fingers, our math is based on ten, and of course there’s that whole Moses & the 10 Commandments concept in our culture.

No Commandment Stands Alone

But here’s the thing about fingers, numbers, and marketing commandments — none of them stand alone. You need to use the individual digits in coordination with others intelligently, like typing on a keyboard with all ten fingers rather then the single finger hunt-and-peck method. Numbers are incredibly useful, but not when they are meaningless. Commandments outside of context are confusing because you don’t see why that rule is there.

Fingers, numbers, and commandments are only useful when you have learned how to use them intelligently. And internet marketing commandments are the same way. If you want to continue to be effective as an online marketer then you have to continue to learn about it. That’s why reading extensively is important. Speaking & Training sessions add the advantage of getting answers to your questions during group interactions. Keep on growing in your knowledge about marketing and you’ll find these ten commandments open up a world to explore.