co How Could Photos Help Your SEO? |

Many people are visually oriented, preferring a good photo to a written description. While a photo may not help a search engine, it probably would help a searcher decide if your link was worth the click.

Matt Southern of Search Engine Journal took a look at a recent development: Google Gives Business Owners More Control Over Photos Displayed In Search Results. What it means for business owners is options like having one photo for Google+ and a different image for other Google properties, like search.

How many different photos you use is up to you, but you can opt for different categories like interior or exterior photos, or shots of your team or workplace. If you want to explore your options, log into your business profile, go to the Photos section, and use the new intuitive feature to see what is possible.

People Like Pictures

You know that old saying, “a picture is worth a thousand words”? It’s an old saying that keeps being repeated because people like pictures. Images that actually reflect your business are going to be better than stock photos because they trigger a more specific response.

  • Hey, I know that person! He handled my account.
  • We ate in that dining room, the meal was delicious and the atmosphere is great.
  • I loved that sweater because it was comfortable and it stayed that way after washing.
  • Those lamps look perfect, we should go see them in the showroom.
  • So that’s who I spoke to on the phone. She was so helpful.
  • That business looks familiar…of course, I’ve driven past it. I should stop next time.

Optimize Photos According to Publishing Guidelines

If you use your own photos, then do your homework and follow image publishing guidelines. Make sure those photos are high-quality, too. That isn’t really as difficult as it sounds if you can find an enthusiastic photographer in your area. That person may already be on staff.

The use of images has been discussed in this blog before, and there is definitely some things to be careful with. Some of those things include attribution, image site maps, and formatting. You also have to be careful with the mix of mobile and loading photos.

But along with the increased complications of images, the fact remains that people like pictures and a search result with a good photo is probably going to be picked over plain text. That’s why Google is adding the photo options, and that’s why you should look into the possibilities.