co 5 Things To Know About Google Analytics |

Rocco Baldassarre just gave a simple explanation on Entrepreneur of 5 Keys to Unlocking the Power of Google Analytics. I liked this reminder that we need to make sure we get the basics down before we try to figure out what is happening with our numbers. Here’s a quick look at what was said:

  • Bounce rate measures how many visitors leave your site without going to another page. If your site is set up as a single page, every visitor is bouncing right out again.
  • Sessions are measured by engagement as well as time, and Google looks more at activity than at length of session.
  • Links aren’t automatically tagged. If you want to track traffic, you need to set up the tags to track those links.
  • It can take up to 24 hours to sync AdWords and Analytics. That means you have to wait to accurately measure the effects of changes.
  • Link AdWords to Analytics and then link Analytics to AdWords to get the full scope of possible use out of these important tools. Only going one way limits the potential.

Tracking & analytics are sometimes overwhelming to a busy business owner because there is so much else going on. It’s important to understand what is being tracked, and what those numbers actually represent so that the analysis and conclusions are correct.

But I think it’s imperative that we always remember the faces behind the numbers. Every visitor is a person, and every person has a reason they became a visitor. It’s easy to lose sight of that because we are looking at numbers and not faces.

Marketing needs the tools for tracking and analytics just as much as it needs the human connections that keep it from being a numbers game. The sophistication of today’s customer base comes from their constant use of the internet and the average consumer recognizes mass outreach. They usually ignore it unless it speaks to them somehow.

Tracking and analytics allows the marketer to create campaigns that speak to the consumer because, ideally, these tools help you see the people those numbers represent.