co LinkedIn and Content Marketing Work Well Together |

It used to be that LinkedIn was thought of as the ultimate job site, a place where job searchers and recruiters could connect and the all-important professional networking take place. It is all that, but as Louisa Chan says recently on Copyblogger, “it is evolving into a lead generation and publishing hub for content marketers.”

She suggests 7 ways to build online authority with LinkedIn:

  1. Complete your profile — this is how they know who you are when the readers check you out. It’s basic and foundational.
  2. Compose content for distribution — prepare your work, consider your audience, and be creative.
  3. Convene in relevant LinkedIn discussion groups — go where the people who are interested in your stuff are and join the conversation.
  4. Connect with your peers — during these discussions, you start to see the people who have potential as future partners in projects.
  5. Communicate in a personalized way — this is the equivalent of eye contact with the audience and LinkedIn allows a variety of ways to do it.
  6. Continue to improve — review comments, consider effects, look for ways to add value and become a trusted resource for quality information.
  7. Commit to your production schedule — building something takes consistent effort over time, and building online authority is no different.

Content Marketing Builds Online Authority

What is content marketing but a carefully wrought accumulation of authoritative information? As the content you produce is consistent in quality and presented effectively to people who see it and take the time to read it, the trust developed is a trust that you know what you are talking about. Your authority is demonstrated by the content curated and produced — it’s worth the time to look at new postings.

Any online marketing strategy that does not include a deliberate use of LinkedIn is missing a huge opportunity to connect with an audience that has great potential. This is where the professionals hang out and there’s advantage to being a productive member of the group. Does your content marketing team possess these qualities? If not, they should.We offer content marketing minneapolis and content marketing minnesot