co Does Your Site Speak These 3 Languages? |

Every website really has to speak at least 3 languages to be effective. How does your content measure up?

HTML — Hypertext Markup Language

This is the language that exists behind the words, that the computers use to navigate your site. This coding is essential because it determines how your site looks and how it is accessed by the search engines. Being unable to speak that language can keep the other two languages from being an issue because few will even get to your site to read it.

Insider Lingo

This is the language that your industry experts speak. Any words used in the niche that your business caters to are perfect keywords to put into place because they are the words an insider will be using to search for information.

Every business has insider lingo, and using that lingo will match up the insiders to your site.

Newbie Clueless

But there is another type of language that your site should speak, which is the language of the completely ignorant, someone who is looking for information because they don’t know. What kind of search phrases will they use? How easily can they find what they need on your site? How supportive is your business to those who may become good customers if they could just figure out how to get started?

It’s a good idea to get an online health checkup for your site. But in addition to asking for an expert’s opinion, get feedback from the “newbie clueless” users as well. Your customer service people and sales representatives will probably have a very good idea of who these people are.

All three types of language are important on a site, because all three types of readers will hopefully be visiting it and staying to explore what your business offers. Omitting one of these basic three will eliminate a whole category of readership and have a detrimental effect on your site.