co Is Your Blog On LinkedIn? |

By this time, I hope you have been convinced that adding a blog to your site has great potential for enhancing your marketing efforts, adding to your site’s authority, and increasing your audience. But where is your blog being seen?

Business2Community & ask a good question: “Should You Be Blogging On LinkedIn?” We know that LinkedIn is probably the most important professional site to be networking on right now, because it’s where all the professionals are. But why would your blog be a good idea to post on this site?

Here’s the way the post puts it:

Think of the time spent developing a blog post that you aren’t getting paid for as an advertising expense.

Posting on LinkedIn is Great Exposure

Whether you are writing your blogs yourself or paying someone else to do it, setting it up to automatically post on LinkedIn can build an audience where no audience had been before. People visit the site, your network will see it, and it is so easy to do that there isn’t really a good reason not to post on LinkedIn or any other social media channels  you create.

Right now, LinkedIn is an incredibly authoritative site. You get serious business vibes from being on this network and publishing regularly. Even if you do a lot of curating, as this blog often will do, it’s good. Curated content is filtered and trusted, and the commentary adds insight to the original source.

You invest time and money into the content on your blog. Hopefully, that content is something your target audience wants to read. Ideally the content will be valuable in the future when they search for the subject and bring them back for more. This ‘evergreen’ content is the best kind because it’s like those perennial vegetables that you plant once and harvest every season as they come up again and again.

Imagine the potential of setting up an automatic post to LinkedIn every time your blog publishes something new. Blogging for small business is one of the most valuable tools we have to get exposure and I think it makes sense to put that blog on LinkedIn.