co 8 Ways To Tune Up Your SEO |

Have you ever had a car that needed a tune up? It ran okay, but it wasn’t the greatest at going uphill or passing other vehicles on the highway. It needed that tune up — the little tweaks and adjustments that make the engine run efficiently.

Your site has a power source that acts like the engine in a car — the SEO factors can be okay but not be as powerful as possible, just like the car that needs a tune up. Neil Patel at Search Engine Journal just gave us 7 Under-the-hood Optimization Techniques That Will Rock Your SEO and act like that tune up to get your site as powerful as possible:

  1. Make your site secure
  2. Add above-the-fold images or videos with full optimization
  3. Create an image sitemap
  4. Regularly review and request removals from your link profile
  5. Create keyword-specific URLs
  6. Use your target keywords across the entire site
  7. Optimize your brand’s social profiles
  8. Add schema everywhere

Okay, he gave us 8 optimization techniques instead of the 7 the title mentions. It’s a good article, worthy of your consideration.

SEO Is Never Finished

The car engine always needs maintenance and an occasional tune up. The search engine optimization on your site also needs maintenance and an occasional tune up. Both of these things are dynamic and being used all the time. It makes no sense to assume they won’t need attention on a regular basis.

A regular content audit or site audit is like popping the hood on your car to look at what needs to be attended to. Ignoring the need for a tune up means you may end up needing a tow truck. Every car owner who gets that tune up is rewarded with a lot more power under the hood — power to do what needs to be done. That’s exactly what happens when your SEO is tuned up, too.