co Did You Hear From Google Yet? |

Recently, Jennifer Slegg of the SEM Post wrote about Google continuing to send more warnings about non-mobile-friendly websites to webmasters. The first wave of warning emails has been followed by another, and there are indeed some sites starting to suffer in their rankings.

If you don’t have a mobile-friendly site and don’t see a need to have a mobile-friendly site, it doesn’t let you off the hook because Google doesn’t care what you think about it. Since one of the ranking factors in their search is being mobile-friendly, that’s what the algorithm is set up to look for.

Mobile-Friendly Sites Matter

I can imagine some business owners arguing that their website isn’t accessed by mobile phones. This can be true, yet still I would argue in favor of responsive website design and development. Here are my reasons:

  • Google is using it as a ranking factor whether you like it or not.
  • Mobile use is rising among all demographics including those who previously ignored mobile devices.
  • Wireless services are expanding and increasing the ways mobile devices are used.
  • Many experts expect wireless broadband to move into the category of a regulated utility, like electricity or phone services.
  • Being responsive and mobile-friendly today makes it easier for your business to adapt to changes in the future.

What do you think? When I see the number of people using their smartphones to look up something online, I think about the marketing potential. I see every demographic using their phones, and often tablets, automatically when a question comes up or a spare moment gives time to check email.

Whether or not Google gets knocked off the top of the search engine power list, whoever replaces it will also be interested in mobile-friendly websites. There is always competition in business and being responsive ensures your business will compete successfully.