co Ask Yourself These Questions To Focus Your Content |

There is a lot being said about having content on your site and in your advertising that is unique, creative, and focused. It’s enough to make a marketer want to crawl into a corner and hide on some days, am I right? It’s very difficult to continually come up with unique, creative, focused anything after a while.

But there are three questions that can help the process:

  • Who are my customers?
  • How am I similar to my competitors but better at it?
  • Why am I different than the rest?

Who Are My Customers?

Everything you do should have a definite “buyer persona” in mind. If your business hasn’t figured out who the ideal customers are, you need to stop right now and get that in place. Most of us have several “buyer persona” profiles, and they should be integrated into all marketing strategies. You have to know your audience and speak their unique language.

The more specific your targets are, the more creative your content will be.

How Am I Similar To My Competitors But Better At It?

The reason we have competitors is because we are after the same target customer. That means there are going to be many things you do that your competition does. But those similarities give you a base to build on and your content can show how your basic products and services, while similar, are better.

The more specific you can be about how your offerings are better, the more focused your content will be.

Why Am I Different Than The Rest?

Every company is unique, even in franchise chains. What makes us unique? The people who work here as well as any unique products or services being offered. Your content can include interviews with repairmen, sales clerks, warehouse workers, or customer representatives. You can have an employee of the month with a bio. You can show a process in a video and acknowledge the people who make the process happen.

The more specific you can get about why your business is different, the more unique your content will be.

Online marketing strategy includes the challenge of content that is creative, focused, and unique because the content is what the searcher is looking for.