co Should Disaster Planning Be Part Of Your Internet Marketing? |

There was recently an interesting post on Practical Ecommerce about disaster planning for small business and it wasn’t about insurance. Richard Stubbings is an experienced IT guy who now is a business owner and his observations about being prepared to continue online activity in different scenarios made good sense.

  • How would your internet activity be affected by loss of power or internet service?
  • What would a major local disaster do to your ability to continue to serve non-local customers?
  • Will you be able to operate from another location?

It doesn’t take much thought to realize that your emergency preparations should include your internet marketing. It doesn’t take much time to figure out what your options are now and what they could be if a disaster strikes. Since business no longer is an exclusively local operation, it makes sense to create alternative ways to continue to operate if local conditions shut your home base down for a while.

Being able to continue to do business in less-than-ideal situations goes a long way toward restoring your life and the life of your enterprise. 

It is a good idea to include disaster planning when you do your (hopefully) annual online marketing check-up. Why? Because this is when you are looking carefully at all the details and what needs to be improved in your online operations, and adding some plans for disaster relief will be easiest when you already are examining what should be done.

Thanks, Richard Stubbings, for this very practical and wise look at how to stay in business when something major threatens your ability to be online at all.