co An Online Business Survey and A Good Example |

Copyblogger has done it again; giving us the 2015 Cost of Online Business Report by Demian Farnworth and giving us some good examples of how the same basic information can be presented in various ways for maximum impact. The report itself is interesting because it includes the results of a survey conducted on businesses operating online. More than a fourth of those in the survey identify as Small Business Owner, and the biggest challenge is seen as generating traffic.

That’s just a hint of what you will find, but the way the findings are presented is what I want you to notice:

  • There’s an excellent infographic of the findings for the visual types
  • There are five ways to listen to The Lede, for the audio learners
  • There’s a free 58-page e-book with all the results plus analysis and commentary for those who learn best reading

Different Types of Learners Need Different Formats

It isn’t just the visual learners who like pictures, or the audiophiles who like to listen. If you want to access information while sitting on the train, maybe you want the podcast even though you also want the e-book. But there is a definite tendency to prefer a particular format for most of us. It is absolutely brilliant of Copyblogger to put the survey results in this many options because it means they are more likely to get a bigger response.

If the biggest challenge of these business owners is seen as generating traffic, don’t you think following the good example of offering a couple of alternative formats will help? Putting the results of a survey in several formats is a good way to increase traffic.