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It’s becoming a standard need for businesses of any size — the whole Search Engine Optimization thing is no longer the realm inhabited by the computer geeks. Everybody should understand enough of how the internet works to utilize SEO, even if all you are doing is trying to find something. For a business, though, SEO skills are increasingly sought among employees.

There’s a challenge to this because the SEO of today is not the SEO of past years, so unless you have been keeping up with the changes, your skills are outdated. That is not an insurmountable problem because there is a lot of help out there. The trick is knowing what’s most helpful.

 Online Courses To The Rescue!

Chuck Price just gave us the 2015 Guide to Free SEO Training Courses Online and it is nice to see all that help in one place. These aren’t just little tutorials, these are MOOCs — Massive Open Online Courses — and he shares his suggestions for the courses he would use in training an organic search specialist.

I can see this being a great help if you want to create a team to monitor your social media reach, for instance, or develop some in-house talent. Internet marketing is constantly changing and all of us should keep an eye on maintaining our skills. Even if you use an outside company for internet marketing services knowing something about what you are paying for helps you pick the best options.

This guide gives a short explanation of the reasons you may want to take the various courses and what you would be learning. It’s a good overview of what is out there. I’d love to hear what you think of it.