co How To Multiply Content and SEO From One Event |

There is a good way to take an event your business hosts, like a workshop or seminar, and turn it into a lot of opportunities for SEO. Think of it as a big box of stuff you can unpack, label, and put where it can be used.

Unpack The Content From The Event

There has been a lot of information generated for your event, right? How would someone looking for information ask about it? That’s a good way to start taking the whole thing apart because people will be using search by asking questions or using terms they would probably type into the search box.

One easy way to do this is by looking at the backstory of the event – when you planned it, did you use an outline of talking points?

Each one of those points could be an excellent page in a multipage unit on your site if you can write between 500-800 words about it. Let people choose if they want to see “all” of it or the single page of information covering that point, and let each point/page add to the content of your site. These pages of information are also excellent starting points for blog posts and articles in the future. Prioritize the topics people have clicked on and see what happens.

Label Each Page Correctly For SEO

This page, a specific point in your event, is a natural long tail keyword just waiting to be given the appropriate URL. People who are searching by typing in a question about the subject will be brought to the page that answers the question if the search engine can identify it. Headers, title tags, etc. all are important parts of every page and should be optimized for this purpose.

Put The Links Where People Can See Them

The links to specific pages are natural when you post something on social media or send a newsletter announcing what has been happening. An email, for instance, can say that you were sorry to miss them at the event, but this link will give them the highlights if they are interested. Print media can include links, too, as can any articles on other sites.

From the research and development of one event, you can build many interconnecting pages of high quality, original content for your site.