co Is The Content Right On Your YouTube Ad? |

One of the trends in online marketing is the increasing use of video. People just love to watch stuff, and as wireless services expand and mobile devices multiply they will be watching more stuff in the year to come. Helena Clark’s recent Search Engine Watch post has some practical tips for getting the content right on YouTube ads. As she rightly points out,

AdWords for video offers search marketers the chance to reach a big, very engaged, very specific audience with rich content. If they’re used well, we can create a big impact even with a limited budget. “

There are two types of ads available to us on YouTube: 

  • In-Stream ads roll before the video the user wants to see. After five seconds, they can skip this ad and you are not charged unless they watch it for 30 seconds or more.
  • In-Display ads appear in YouTube search or in display and you are charged when the user clicks to watch it.

Keep Them Interested

The great thing about somebody who is looking at your ad on YouTube is that they are already interested in something they chose to view. Your ad is most effective when you play on that interest by retargeting intelligently. Build your remarketing lists on the user’s behavior — things they liked, subscribed to, commented on. Also pay attention to what they did NOT like or unsubscribed from.

The more you know your audience, the easier it is to determine what will interest them. Most of us don’t like feeling targeted with pushy promotions, but we do like being shown what interests us. That’s a fine line, and the only way to figure it out is by keeping track of what works and what doesn’t.

Video marketing is worth the investment if you know your audience. If you don’t know who you are marketing to, then it’s just wasted time. If you are just getting started in this area, take the time to do some studying on who you are targeting and what they want to see. That will give you the insight you need for getting the content right on your YouTube ad.