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Google’s Disavow Tool is like a sharp implement — if you don’t use it correctly, it makes you bleed. There are definitely times when that sharp tool is what needs to be used, however. Small Business Mavericks looked at the disavow link tool when it came out a couple of years ago.

A Guide To Using Google’s Disavow Tool

Marie Haynes has given us help with this tricky subject on the Moz Blog. Your Start-To-Finish Guide To Using Google’s Disavow Tool walks us through the whole process in reasonable, logical steps. Each step has links to amplify the instructions if you need help. This is a great thing to keep bookmarked so you can find it fast.

  • Make sure you read the comments because once again, the community has some good advice.
  • This is not an automated process, any more than using a sharp knife should be automated.
  • I think it gets easier once you get caught up to date and are only dealing with “new” links.

Why Use A Sharp Tool That Can Cause Damage?

If your site has links that are low-quality spam types, it causes damage too. It’s far better to deal ruthlessly with bad links by cutting them off than it is to be penalized by Google’s algorithms for keeping them around. The trick is to cut the links that are truly spammy without causing more damage.

All tools are designed to be used intelligently. I’m glad to see this guide for the Disavow Tool because it helps us use that tool intelligently, too. I’d be interested to hear what you think about this subject — has the idea of disavowing links been one you have struggled with? Do you think this guide will help?