co Who Uses Bing? Make Sure They Can See You |

Bing is the second most popular search engine, and according to a recent article on Search Engine Journal, Bing tends to be preferred by certain parts of the market. If those Bing-users are in your target market, you should look at Albert Costill’s 10 Ways to Optimize a Website for Bing.

Who Are These People?

Bing and Yahoo tend to be favored by specific demographics:

  • slightly more women than men
  • households with children
  • households with incomes over $75,000
  • college graduates
  • graduate school students
  • those aged 35 and older

The Yahoo Bing Network has some impressive numbers in certain categories, too. Automotive searches, education, telcom, travel, business & finance tend to be favored searches on Bing. Some even can be considered exclusive according to the SEJ article.

What Does This Mean To SEO?

If your target audience is in those groups who seem to favor Bing, you should definitely be heading over to Albert Costill’s article and making sure your site is optimized for Bing. That’s just common sense. But in the bigger picture, it means that SEO is a constantly changing environment that must be monitored for greatest effect.

The search engines are in a constant battle for the user’s attention. So are we, as businesses and as marketers. Search Engine Optimization that isn’t flexible enough to change as the battle changes is not going to be successful. I think that paying attention to the top search engine stuff without paying attention to the other search engines being used by your specific audience is shortsighted. It doesn’t take that much more effort to make sure your site is also optimized for Bing, and it could be the best way to reach your customers.