co How Did You Do In The Thanksgiving-to-Cyber Monday Rush? |

We just got past one of the most intense weekends for marketers — the official start to the holiday shopping season. Whether you celebrate Christmas or not, this is the time of year to shop. It reminds me of the opening day of fishing season, when anglers stand shoulder to shoulder along the banks and cast their lines into the water in hopes of snagging a fish. Lines get tangled, not everybody gets a catch, but the fishermen still make it an annual competition.

2014’s Holiday Shopping Kickoff

This year, a nice overview of who won the marketing contests can be found over at Marketing Pilgrim. Like Cynthia Boris observes, From Thanksgiving to Cyber Monday: it was a record-breaking run. Here’s what she says happened last weekend:

  • People started shopping on Thanksgiving Day and most of us used mobile devices
  • Black Friday kicked off with the biggest day in US online shopping history
  • Cyber Monday broke Black Friday’s sales record
  • E-mail was a primary driver of sales even though fewer, more targeted e-mails were sent out

I think it’s clear that there’s a lot of competition in marketing, especially at this time of year. Instead of jostling shoulders with that crowd of fishermen-marketers right at the edge of the water, it looks like the effective strategies are more remote, in the form of targeted e-mails and mobile marketing. The fish are biting, it’s for sure. The bait they are going after seems to be online.

What’s Your Strategy Going To Be?

If your mobile marketing strategies are on the back burner and your e-mail campaigns are ho-hum, you need to step up your game. Think about this from your customer’s point of view — if it’s easy to read an e-mail on your phone and link to the site to buy at the same time, it’s easy to decide to purchase that item. But if the site is not mobile responsive or the e-mail link is goofy, the fish will swim somewhere else and another fisherman will catch the prize.